From Vera Castro

I remember that one day in February of this year that my son Carlos met Mark at In-n-out across the street from Azusa College.. When My son got home that day he told me that he had met this guy at In-n-out while they were both eating and that his name was Mark.. Mark told […]

From Mark and Estella

Thank you very much Vera, we do not know you face to face, but we are greatly thankful you and your son took the time to CARE for our son Mark while he was sick without even being able to talk, let alone move to care for himself.  Sometime in March he and his mom […]

Supporting Our Youth

One trait we often saw in Mark was his kindheartedness. When he saw people suffering or in distress it was always in his heart to be a comfort to them – he always somehow seemed to understand their pain – somehow God gave him that discernment, to see beyond appearances. He would say to me, […]