Mark Michael Demanes

Our Dear and Beloved Son, brother, nephew, family member and friend. We all love you SO much. You were one of a kind, a believer in Jesus; thoughtful, loving, generous, loyal, hard-working, out-going, risk-taking, limit-testing, edgy, honest, out-spoken and bold; the real deal. Like it or not, everyone always knew where you stood. You were insightful and intuitive into the truth of others, sensitive and oh so darn intelligent; intense and gregarious, quick to help others, often to your own detriment. 

Your dream? To be a pediatrician.  You loved children, prayed some day God would give you your own to love too, (along, of course, with that longed-for perfect girl). You had a special gift with children, a soft touch with the deeply vulnerable – yes, you were the one they always called at Stanford to handle a difficult draw with an infant, you were a star; you were one of our stars! But not really ours to possess. We were entrusted to watch over your dear soul and we know we were so inadequate for that fearsome task, but our hope was, as it continues to be, set firmly in the love and adequacy that is in Christ for all these things… regardless of the cost. You belonged to Jesus and we don’t get to choose His times and purposes. 

We all miss you so very, very much!!!! The pain of your loss is beyond words for us. Our hearts are deeply broken. Nevertheless, we are so thankful to have shared your life, to have had you in our lives and to have the wonderful memories that we have of you, you being just the way God made you. We also know and are fully assured that you are safe in the arms of Jesus, whom you loved. We know the veil between where we are and you are, is thin; we are but a breath away. We look forward to seeing you again, face to face, and see your face shining with the love that only comes from God and see you radiant, standing in the presence of His glory!