I remember that one day in February of this year that my son Carlos met Mark at In-n-out across the street from Azusa College.. When My son got home that day he told me that he had met this guy at In-n-out while they were both eating and that his name was Mark.. Mark told my son that he would help him work on his car but it would be after school.. the following morning, around 11a.m. I heard a knock on my front door..I immediately asked if I could help him, he told me that he was Mark and he was looking for Carlos and was there to help work on his car.. for the next couple of weeks Mark stopped by after having his morning classes at Azusa..a couple of weeks after that My son did not hear from Mark. He became concerned and decided to call Mark.. Mark told my son that he was sick and would not be able to come by until he got better. Later that day my son told me that Mark was sick and that he wanted to make him a care package.. My son went to CVS and purchased NyQuil and Tylenol.. with in the next few minutes my son returned and I had already started packing soups, water, Gatorade, cheese and crackers, some frozen foods that I thought Mark would like, fruit, lemons, and a bag of cough drops…So off goes my son on his bike to deliver Mark his care package..in less than an hour my son returned and said he gave Mark the package and thanked me for helping his friend.. After a few days Mark got better and continued to come by and they continued to work on the car. During one of the times Mark was here I thanked him for helping my son..All of a sudden Mark did not come by anymore.. my son asked me if Mark had called my # or left a message, I told him, no message or no calls.. After that I heard my son talking out loud to himself, he said I guess Mark doesn’t want to help me any more and that was the last we heard from Mark without knowing what had happened to him. I didn’t know Mark very long, but for the short time that I did he told me that he was going to attend medical school..I congratulated him and told him to continue with his studies and keep up the good work.. I could tell that he was a very nice and respectful young man willing to help my son after having just met..Mark may you Rest in Peace, you will be deeply missed.

Vera Castro

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