Thank you very much Vera, we do not know you face to face, but we are greatly thankful you and your son took the time to CARE for our son Mark while he was sick without even being able to talk, let alone move to care for himself.  Sometime in March he and his mom texted each other, but did not know he was as sick as he later stated he could not even talk. You can imagine our concern!! He then reassured us he was doing OK and that he had already received a care package from you and Carlos.  I later received a call from him wanting to send him tool so he could help fix Carlos’ car. Our son did favors and good deeds for people without strings attached!  That is the kind of person he was.  I know God has him in a better place for being himself, Mark D.  God forgives our transgressions through Jesus who already shed His blood for our sins. We pray our Lord who sees it all, have you and your son in His Kingdom also.
We greatly appreciate your good deeds and we wish the best for you and son. We have nothing but abundant love for your kindness for our son Mark in need.
May the Lord richly bless you both!
Mark S & Estella 

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