One trait we often saw in Mark was his kindheartedness. When he saw people suffering or in distress it was always in his heart to be a comfort to them – he always somehow seemed to understand their pain – somehow God gave him that discernment, to see beyond appearances. He would say to me, “Mom, when
people are in hospitals feeling bad, perhaps we may be the last person who cared for them. The least we can do is to comfort them and give them a smile. Who knows if anyone would ever visit them at all.”  This was the sort of person Mark really was at his core. 

This compassionate trait was also evident in him in his taking time off from whatever he was doing to don a Santa Claus outfit and play Santa to the kids at the Sonora Regional Hospital, the Hospital where he worked. He would do this every year – all for the kids delight. This was Mark’s favorite time of the year. Even after he went away to school, during the Christmas season when he would come home for holiday, he would take his personal time to volunteer to be Santa at the hospital. The kids loved it so much (and the parents of the kids – of patients and the children of employees – loved it also).

If that wasn’t enough, he would also do little things like dress up as Superman while at work, just for the kids, or he would imitate Elmo from Sesame Street for their entertainment. The children felt so loved and protected by his kindness and unconditionally tender loving care. Just recently, Mark had commented to me, “I do not know how this happens, little children just seem to attach and cling to me whenever they see me, like a magnet, wherever I go!!  Mom, I really do LOVE those cute little voices, so innocent and sweet.”

Well we had hoped the Lord would one day bless you with little ones of your own to care for, and with the wife you longed to find. Instead, in hindsight, it seems it was the Lord’s plan to give you many more little ones to love than we could imagine – the little ones in His great and blessed dwelling place. Now we know that the love that was in your heart was to be fulfilled in full in heaven! We love you always, our beloved dear Mark Michael Demanes!

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  1. So true. That kindheartedness could so been seen in his smile, which would light up things around him. We look forward to seeing that smile in heaven and seeing how God is using that kindheartedness.

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